Lack of sleep, or poor quality sleep, can have an adverse effect on your emotional, mental, and physical wellbeing. When you’re stressed out, you work irregular hours, or you have chronic insomnia, drifting off can seem like a dream (no pun intended), rather than a reality. The following day, you wake up feeling exhausted, and so the sleepless cycle continues. So frustrating!

If this sounds familiar, you may consider looking into the benefits of CBD oil for sleep. Research shows that this natural product can help ease your mind and body into a relaxed state so you’re better able to switch off when it’s time for bed. You may feel calmer, so sleep comes more easily. You could be more focused, so that endless to-do list in your head can be set aside to clear your mind. And you may feel less stressed in general.

How Should I Take CBD for Sleep?

For those who have tried other natural sleep remedies, the reported benefits of CBD oil are pretty appealing. There’s no overpowering scent like you get with lavender essential oil. You don’t have to start mixing up herbal tea or taking sleep aids. Plus, there are a variety of ways you can take CBD, such as in the form of drops, gummy candies, or topical balms so you can find the type that’s best for you.

What Time Should I Take CBD for Best Results?

So you’re sold on testing out CBD oil to improve your sleep, but when’s the best time to take it? The time you take your dose depends on factors such as your physical health, the cause of your insomnia, and the specific sleep issue you have (i.e. whether you struggle to fall asleep or stay asleep). Try taking CBD oil at least an hour before bedtime for best results. With regular use, you could see an improvement in your sleep pattern and the quality of your sleep – so you can rise and shine each morning!

As with any supplement, make sure to talk to your doctor before beginning any new routines. Happy snoozing!