If you’ve been exploring the myriad hemp products available, you’ll probably have come across hemp balm. Designed to be applied to the skin as opposed to being taken orally, hemp balm purportedly has triple-whammy therapeutic benefits.

What are the Reported Benefits of Hemp Balm?

The obvious advantages are that it’s easy to apply and the act of massaging it into your skin is soothing. It’s also ideal if you don’t want to consume hemp orally; perhaps because you don’t like the taste, you find drops difficult to administer, or you can’t swallow pills.

In terms of other reported benefits, topical hemp oil may help reduce anxiety, relieve muscle aches, and moisturize the skin. With potential beauty and wellness benefits in one easy-to-use product, hemp balm could be a valuable addition to your self-care kit!

Which Products Should You Use?

Our hemp balm contains 2000mg of hemp extract to potentially benefit your body inside and out. It’s a divine blend of high-quality hemp, rosemary, and olive oil along with organic coconut oil, organic shea butter, and other natural ingredients. Each ingredient is included for a reason: hemp is believed to relieve stress and anxiety while soothing the skin; rosemary is said to improve concentration; olive oil can help keep skin youthful and supple; coconut oil and shea butter help deliver moisture to the skin for next-level softness.

Since our hemp body cream is applied topically, it gets to work quickly and also allows you to use just the amount you need. There’s no sticky mess thanks to the soft, creamy formula (which feels good and absorbs easily). Best of all, it comes in a handy, compact tin that you can take with you for use on the go!

Hemp balm uses are virtually endless and its potential wellbeing benefits numerous. If you’re looking for a hemp moisturizer with bonus perks, be sure to check out our hemp balm and other topical hemp products!